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Product Highlights

Top 10 in 2022: CoQ10 EP5/USP28/JP14
Natural green tea L-theanine 20%,25%,40%
Natural Artemisinin 99%,99.5%(HPLC)
Luo Han Guo juice extract
Griffonia seed extract 5-HTP 99%
Polygonum extract Resveratrol 99%
Epimedium leaf extract Icarrin 50%
New:Banaba leaf extract Corosolic Acid
Rhodiola root extract Rosavins Salidroside
Salvia Root Extract Tanshinone IIA 20%,40%
Red Clover Sissotrin,Formononetin,Biochanin


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Natural Ingredient Bio-Resources (Changsha) Co.,Ltd

Leading manufacturer and supplier of
Over 300 kinds of tea extracts and 1,000 standardized
botanical herbal extracts,natural material for health
food,gained gold medal prizes in the US and China
Reliable professionals of natural ingredients.

Green black white oolong pu erh tea extracts (Organic)
Artemisia annua L Artemisinin 99.5%
Yew tree
Paclitaxel/taxol 99% (HPLC)
(-)-Epigallocatechin gallate EGCg 99%,catechin
Decaffeinated lipid soluble tea extracts
Jasmine,Fu Zhuan Brick tea powder extract
De-flavor Green Tea Extract Ethyl Acetate Free
Angelica/Dong Quai
Astragalus Root
Black Cohosh
-Triterpene glycosides
Echinacea Purpurea Herb-Pbenolic Compounds
Gotu Kola
-Triterpenes,Guarana Seed
Grape Seed
Griffonia Seed
Magnolia Bark

Natural Ingredient Bio-Resources (Changsha) Co.,Ltd
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