Manufacturer of Tea & Herbal Extracts



01 Manufacturer of PDGF-BB,Pfu,dUTPase,Pfu-plus,MMLV G-CSF
     Interleukin,IL-12 P40 Expression system recombinant protein.
Supplier of Zinc Metallothionein,Zn-MT,Zn MT,MT-I,MT-1,MT-II,MT-III
     Recombinant human protein & extracted from rabbit liver.
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Detection Kit For HCV Core Antigen (EIA) Rapid Diagnostic Test Detection
     Kits For Hepatitis C Virus HCV Core Antigen EIA.
05 Manufacturer producer supplier of OCXO TCXO VCXO VCOCXO time
     frequency device,custom customized crystal oscillator design,low aging,high
     stability performance,ultra stable

06 Ibs treatment
For a natural and safe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment,contact Aloe Elite.











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