Manufacturer of Tea & Herbal Extracts


Functional Formula

Manufacturer,supplier and provider of tea / herbal extracts
001 Weight Loss Tea/Capsule (Ephedrine)
      Ephedra is the best weight loss aid the world has ever known.
      Organic,all-natural herb that grows in China.It's been used by
      humans for many centuries.
002 Breast Enhancer
003 Beauty Protein
004 Menopause Formula
005 Bone Density Improver
006 Sexual Potency Enhancer
007 Cholesterol Normalizer
008 Immune System Enhancer
009 Sugar Guard
010 Anti-Oxidant
011 Improve Memory
012 Anti-Aging Formula
013 Anti-Fatigue
014 Eye and vision protection
015 Sport and muscle Nutrition

Or  Customized formula in capsule/tablet form


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